Sustainable Fundraising sans the Donate Button!

Whenever you hear the word “fundraising” in an online setting, your mind paints a picture of a button like the one below.


DONATE buttons are synonymous with online fundraising. They work until you get overwhelmed by them. You see them everywhere.  The bigger problem is that we all have limited funds to give, and the spread of donate buttons everywhere make many people uncomfortable, they may even become desensitized to this action button.

Not to mention, families that have budget constraints cannot just give as much as they like, so that creates an unspoken discomfort towards fundraising as a whole. So, we wanted to find a way to create a sustainable fundraising that had the following characteristics.

Donations with Direct Impact on Your Community

There are great causes with a national or global scope that we all donate to from time to time and as emergency or needs arise. Red Cross, for example, is one such donation. However, there is a significant need in our own local areas that require giving. For example, the local public schools, non-profits for public benefits, shelters, etc.

We think funding local causes sounds good and should be our first priority. For example, a donation to a local public school always has a visible impact; so does funding the local homeless shelter or soup kitchen. Once donors see the impact of their good deed, it is easy to convince them to continue giving, which is the most important part of sustainable fundraising — keeping donors engaged with causes to continue to receive monetary, emotional and social support from them.

Keep on Giving w/o Stretching the Tight Family Budget!

The biggest challenge in fundraising for a local cause is making sure the giving is not a single event. A one-time gift is great, but the better, sustainable solution is to get the donors engaged in such a way that they continue to support the cause. This is where the DONATION buttons fail, big time. They have no way to engage the donors with the story so to speak.

When you see an online fundraising page with a recurring credit card payment option, what goes on in your mind? It’s a hard sell for most people on a budget. Even if the credit card payment is asking for only a small amount every month, you wonder if you are over budget in your giving because you have also done so in various other places. The worry sets in!

So, we came up with a way of sustainable giving that keeps on giving but does not increase budget concerns associated with continuous giving. In fact, we created a fundraising platform that doesn’t require a DONATION button at all and allows nearly every adult member of every family to participate without impacting their family’s bottom line. In fact, it also improves the family budget!!!

Yes, we have created the world’s first sustainable local fundraising platform. You are looking at it!

Switch2Local Fundraising program is the most sustainable way to fund local causes without needing to reach into your wallet every time. Here is how it works:

  1. Each patron texts a keyword to join the Switch2Local mobile list
  2. Local businesses send up to four promotions to this list every month
  3. Each text message earns the local cause or organization an automatic donation from Switch2Local
  4. Patrons can cancel at any time or customize preferences to receive specific offers
  5. No one is ever asked for a donation or required to  purchase anything!


We are seeking pilot partnership with local schools and non-profit organizations in the greater Sacramento area right now. If you know of a local school or non-profit that could benefit from our fundraising platform, please contact us by texting or calling (916) 414-9824.

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