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Almost every time we walk through an automatic sliding door to shop, we put a small business in the rear-view mirror. Like it or not, every time we buy in a big box store we vote against more than one small business with our wallets.

We find ways to justify our need to shop and eat at large businesses. As consumers, we are partially responsible for eliminating small firms on the main streets of America. They have become antique, out of touch, and lack the technological advances that big corporate companies have.

Local businesses want to reach out to you directly and bypass the roadblocks of expensive mass media! They want to send you their best offers, promotions, and announcements to you without any middlemen! They can’t afford to build fancy apps, maintain a highly conversational social media presence, or even make an effective customer list! They are mom-and-pop operations that are busy keeping their business afloat.

This is why we started Switch2Local — a way for you to engage with local businesses — no apps or downloads required!

Without your participation, the small businesses in your area won’t beat statistics like the following:

About 20% of small businesses fail in their first year, and 50% fail in their fifth year.

It is not hard to create a win-win formula for small businesses if you decide to join the equation. For example, when you support a locally owned restaurant, you indirectly support a whole ecosystem of local firms that supply food, and services to the restaurant.

Just by eating out at local restaurants when you can, you are fueling the engine that runs this country! We wanted to modernize the connection between you and the local businesses, as they are unable to reach out to you on their own!

Switch2Local aims to engage shoppers in their communities with mobile offers from local businesses without needing to ask consumers like you to download an app!


As a local buyer, you enroll at a Switch2Local partner location — a local small business in your community —  by texting a keyword to (916) 414-9825. You become a direct customer of the partner and the Switch2Local mobile list.  Partners can send promotions, discounts, and announcements to Switch2Local mobile list one to four times per month.  You can customize your offer preferences and opt out any time.

Switch2Local partners participates for FREE. They don’t need any new technology to learn or install on their end.

Other local businesses that want to send offers to you via the Switch2Local mobile list can only do so for a fee, which is how our company can afford to fund FREE Switch2local partnerships.


We are currently operating only in a small part of the Northern California — Roseville, Rocklin, Folsom and the greater Sacramento area. We are working on reaching out to other parts of Northern California — specifically Bay Area in August 2017.

In our few month-long market research, we realized most locally owned businesses cannot handle new technology due to resource limitations so we offer a zero-learning-curb approach — nothing to install or learn or train. We focus on helping businesses grow customers through community engagements. We are the ultimate growth hackers for local businesses. No tech for anyone to worry about. This means a local business can start growing customers in a predictable manner for FREE starting today!

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