Tech Tip: Use the Chrome App to Read QR Code on iPhone

QR codes never really took off in US small business marketplace. It could have, but business owners didn’t quite see the potential and found it to be confusing I guess.  So why not leave it alone and consider it dead?

When it comes to coupon redemption with existing point of sale (POS) systems, the QR code and bar codes are really important as many of the POS systems’ scanners will read them directly.  Recently, I was exploring the QR/Barcode code support within our redeem app and realized that we would need a third-party QR/barcode reader app.

I really dislike adding apps that I hardly plan to use. Then I remembered that I had read somewhere that Chrome browser on iPhone can read QR code. For example, you can search for the word “qr” on your iPhone to see results like below:

You can also press and hold (3D touch) the Chrome icon and get a QR code scanning option as shown below:


If you either select the “Scan QR Code” option from the 3D touch on the Chrome app icon or search for ‘qr’, you can run the Chrome’s built-in QR reader.

No need to download another QR code app. Please!



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